Vintage Air Front Runner

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The LS Front Runner™ is the most-compact, highest-performance system on the market. It features a block-mounted package with the smallest component configuration available, thereby making engine swaps into older vehicles much easier. Designed with race-proven technology and performance as the first priority, these kits include Vintage Air's exclusive machined truss-type mounting bracket, a high-performance water pump, a power steering pump, a genuine Sanden compressor, a 170-amp alternator, optimized-ratio aluminum pulleys, an ATI harmonic balancer, an ARP polished stainless bolt kit and a Dayco serpentine belt. Bright finish (as shown), black anodized, chrome, and anodized chrome packages are available. The LS Front Runner™ is compatible with all 5.3L, 5.7L, 6.0L, 6.2L and 7.0L GM LS Series engines.

LS Front Runner™ Drive System Includes:

• Main Truss Mounting Bracket  • Tensioner Cover Kit 
• ATI Balancer  • Crankshaft Pulley
• Power Steering Bracket  • Power Steering Pulley (If Power Steering System)
• Hi-Perf Aluminum Water Pump  • Water Pump Pulley
• ARP Polished Stainless Hardware  • Dayco Perf Serpentine Drive Belt
• Sanden SD-7 Compressor with O-ring Adapter Blocks • Dayco OEM Tensioner 
• 170-Amp Alternator  • Delphi-Saginaw Power Steering Pump with Integral Reservoir
• Compressor Clutch Cover