M-120 Engine Control Package

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Our Gen IV M-120 WB02 Engine Control Package is designed to be a solution for GM Gen IV applications that require dual wide band capabilities. It is the ultimate solution for LS engines that are designed for racing applications.  All calibration is developed in house on our 2,000HP Super flow NSCR dyno test cell and and our 1,800HP Superflow eddy current chassis test cell.

All of the great features & benefits of our famous M-90 DBW engine control packages (excludes GM 6L80 / 6L90 6-speed auto capability) PLUS closed loop fuel control, streamlined calibrations and a finer level of tuning for modified  applications. The WB02 ECM version has embedded NTK hardware and an optional NTK WB02 kit includes sensors & harness.  As with our M-90 DBW engine control packages, all calibration is developed in house on our 2,000HP Superflow NSCR dyno test cell and 1,800HP Superflow eddy current chassis test cell.


  • The most advanced ECM:  Marine grade, fully sequential, embedded NTK hardware CAN network gauges compatible, embedded wide band knock sensors, full diagnostic & data logging capability
  • The highest quality harness:  Weatherproof connectors, sonic welds, wire braid w/self vulcanized tape & wire ties
  • The simplest wiring installation:  The ECM mounts anywhere & the harness is truly Plug N’ Play (NO wire hacking, NOTHING to figure out & the harness plugs in only one way).  All you need is power, ground & 60 PSI of fuel pressure and you’re good to go!  Detailed, easy to follow instructions are included as is friendly phone/e-mail tech support if you have any questions.
  • The easiest to tune:  Pre calibrated, dyno tuned & READY TO RUN but is laptop programmable for modified applications requiring custom tuning.
  • The most features:  Includes main harness, dash harness, all necessary sensors, relays, circuits & integrated fuse box w/on-board spare fuses PLUS fuel pump control & circuit, A/C compressor controls, electric fan controls & circuit,starter circuit, Delphi MAP/IAT harness, & 8 layer washable performance air filter w/IAT sensor.  
  • The most options:  Including fuel pressure correction, bank to bank Bosch EGO sensors, USB com. cable & NTK WB02 kit with sensors & harness
  • The most applications:  Available for all LS2, LS7, LS3, L92, L99, L76, & LY6 engines.

USB com cable now included!