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Full Send Late Model Performance
$ 2,750.00

LST Conversion Engine Packages


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Factory Mast Introduces LST Conversion for your Late Model LT GM Gen 5 Engine

Have a pull out Late Model LT?  Want to use it in your off road, off highway, or hot rod vehicle?  Choose the Factory Mast LST conversion.  We take your engine, and convert it to a traditional Port Fuel Injection style engine.  We offer packages for the 5.3 & 6.2 LT Late Model GM Gen 5 engine.

This conversion includes:

  • Using your donor pull out engine
  • Converting to Port Fuel Injection Style intake
  • All New Sensors and Emission Controls
  • DI Plug Inserts

Stage 1 Builds Include:

  • Cam Phaser Lockout
  • LST DI Plug Kit
  • E38 Engine Controller
  • New Wiring Harness
  • All New Sensors and Emission Sensors
  • Run Stand Validation

Stage 2 Builds Include (For Off Highway or non Emission controlled vehicles)

  • All Components for Stage 1
  • CNC ported OE Factory Mast Cylinder Heads
  • Aftermarket Camshaft