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LS7 HO Cam
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LS7 HO Cam


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Mast is THE leader in LS cam technology. Want proof? We had variable valve timing cams 18 months BEFORE anyone in the aftermarket. We design our lobes IN HOUSE using proprietary software. We test each cam on our NCRS Superflow engine dyno in actual applications to find the best power curve. Then, we test each profile in u201creal worldu201d conditions. After many grueling hours, we select a profile to be manufactured to our precision specs. from select billet cores.

Mast Motorsports cam notes:

  • Headers are recommended on every GM Gen IV app. to significantly enhance power improvements from camshaft swap. Mast Motorsports recommends that every cam be accompanied by a calibrated tune using HP Tuners, EFI Live, or equivalent software.
Application Cam Core Valve Setting (In. Ex.) Idle Quality Cam Part # Duration @ .050" (In. Ex.) Valve Lift (w/1.7 Rocker) (In. Ex.) Lobe Sep. Angle
LS7 HO Cam 3 Bolt Hyd. Hyd. Moderate 912-102 236 250 .639 .655.2 114