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Mast Motorsports Performance Package LS7 Black Label Performance Package | +150hp
$ 4,600.00

LS7 265 Black Label Performance Package


Only left in stock

Mast Motorsports LS7 Performance Packages are designed to maximize the performance of your LS7 engine. Our Black Label heads are an aftermarket USA cast and machined head that have continually been proven to make more power than the rest. Paired with a custom grind camshaft, based on your driving application and style our LS7 performance package will be the best upgrade you have ever purchased for your vehicle!

💪 Dyno proven power. 💪

Package Includes:

  • Black Label LS7 265 Heads assembled with PAC springs, Hollow Stainless Intake and Solid Stainless Exhaust Valves
  • Custom Grid Camshaft based on your driving style and application
  • Mast Hardened Pushrods


  • Fits 4.000" and larger Bore LS Engine Blocks
  • Requires LS7 Intake Manifold
  • Requires longer pushrod (8.150" with stock hydraulic lifters)
  • Uses GM LS3 Rocker Arms

We will reach out to you within 24 hours to confirm your order and gather information on your driving style and application. One of our veteran engine builders will spec a camshaft tailored to your engine.

All performance packages will ship 7-10 days after cam selection.