LS1 225 Black Label | Assembled Pair of Cylinder Heads

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Mast Motorsports LS1 225 Cathedral Port heads are designed for getting the most out of your LS1 engine. If you are looking to make more power with your LS1, you have found the right head.

• Dyno proven power. •

With supporting upgrades this head will support 500hp+ on a naturally aspirated LS1.

  • Designed for any new Gen III or IV 3.890" bore engine.
  • Perfect for stroked LS1 short blocks
  • Accepts Gen IV LS3 valvetrain, valves, & Cathedral Intake manifolds
  • Uses a 2.040" intake valve and 1.570" exhaust valve
  • 11 Degree Valve angle
  • Has a 62cc combustion chamber standard
  • Has a deck thickness of .750"
  • Cast & Machined in the USA!

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