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Mast Motorsports Accessories Plugged LS Swap Oil Pan
LS Swap Oil Pan
Mast Motorsports Accessories Plugged LS Swap Oil Pan
Mast Motorsports Accessories Plugged LS Swap Oil Pan
$ 465.99

LS Swap Oil Pan


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Baffle Included!

Cast AND Machined in the USA!

The Mast LS Swap oil pan will greatly simplify the installation of an LS engine into your car or truck.  Don't cut corners on the most important part of your engine, LS Swap with Mast!

  • Sand cast aluminum ls oil pan – no leaking from fabricated/welded seams
  • THE most universally designed LS engine swap conversion oil pan ever
  • Designed for swaps in to F-bodies (1st - 3rd), G-bodies, A-bodies, street rods & trucks
  • Thick cast pan rail maintains the pan as a stressed member
  • Innovative oiling circuitry with -10AN fittings eliminates need for expensive adapters for remote oil coolers & oil filter
  • Uses production pan gasket for perfect seal (Sold Separately, GM Part Number 12612350)
  • Maintains factory oil filter location
  • Cored and baffled for excellent oil control in Pro Touring, Auto Crossing & Road Racing applications
  • “Cast-in” clearance fits most production windage trays or Mast LS short stroker windage tray
  • Short front pan depth fits any chassis
  • Optimum sump balances oil capacity and tight fit/low ground clearance for most applications
  • Sump baffle cover included
  • Oil drain on driver side of sump
  • Runs standard GM oil filters
  • Optional remote cooler fittings for easy, inexpensive oil routing options
  • Optional cap and fittings for remote filter and cooler routing options
  • Includes oil pickup to fit almost any stroke
  • Enlarged oil passage holes for reduced oil pressure losses
  • Internal cross drill eliminates external oil loop cap when using standard filter
  • Production GM pressure relief valve bypass built into pan

The following parts are required to complete your oil pan installation:

  • Dipstick - GM Part Number 12551581
  • Dipstick Tube - GM Part Number 125551577
  • LS Oil Pan Gasket (Can reuse factory) - GM Part Number 12612350
  • Oil Filter - AC Delco PN PF-46 or Equivalent

If using a Remote Oil Cooler, Oil Filter or Accumulator you MUST use Mast Motorsports specially designed fittings. Failure to use the Mast fittings will result in engine failure.

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