L92 HO Cam Package

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Mast Motorsports cam & valve spring package notes:

  • Each package includes a Mast dyno proven camshaft PLUS matching Mast premium beehive valve springs
  • Headers are recommended on every GM Gen IV app. to significantly enhance power improvements from camshaft swap.  Mast Motorsports recommends that every cam be accompanied by a calibrated tune using HP Tuners, EFI Live,  or equivalent software.
Application Valve Setting (In. Ex.) Idle Quality Cam Part # Cam Package Part # Duration @ .050" (In. Ex.) Valve Lift (w/1.7 Rocker) (In. Ex.) Lobe Sep. Angle
L99/L92 HO Cam Hyd.  Hyd. Moderate 914-102 964-102 224 238 .578 .584 115

    This kit, when coupled with headers, can produce a 150 hp gain at the flywheel. This cam has a choppy idle.