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Mast Motorsports Valvetrain 1.7 Ratio Jesel Rocker System for Mast Black Label & Factory Mast "micro" Bore 5.3 liter  "inline pattern"
$ 2,750.00

Jesel Rocker System for Mast Black Label & Factory Mast "micro" Bore 5.3 liter "inline pattern"


Only left in stock

This Jesel Rocker System is designed to be a direct bolt in for all Black Label & Factory Mast 5.3 Liter (3.780") "micro"  Bore LS cylinder heads.  No special bolt pattern required. 

Kit includes rocker stand that utilizes the factory thread and pitch 8mm bolt.  This "inline" pattern rocker kit works well to retrofit any existing Black Label head to a better rocker system.

If you're looking for the ultimate endurance, we suggest using a Black Label "Jesel Pattern" head that uses larger rocker bolts., and a unique stand.


  • This kit comes in 1.7 
  • Direct Bolt on to Factory Mast & Black Label Heads
  • Rocker Material: Aluminum
  • Micro Bore (5.3 Liter) Cylinder Heads
  • Made in USA


* This product ships directly from the manufacturer *

For all-out LS performance Jesel shaft mount rockers are a must.  

Championship winning racers in virtually every form of racing from NHRA Pro Stock to Sprint Cup rely on Jesel Pro Series shaft rockers to get them into the winner's circle. Used by top engine builders worldwide, Jesel rockers continue to set the standard by which all others are measured.

The excellent mechanical properties inherent to our custom blended 7000 Series aluminum alloy allows for the design of an extremely durable and lightweight valvetrain assembly. The tensile strength of our custom blended alloy at 300° far exceeds that of the less expensive, industry-standard 2024 alloys. Low moment of inertia along with FEA designed bodies insures that lobe lift is not wasted due to rocker body deflection.

The Pro Series rocker systems are built and custom manufactured to your specifications. Anything from rocker ratio to adjuster offset to lightening options can be tailored to your specific needs. A shot-peened surface finish along with a profiled rocker tail and a clipped-pin nose roller are standard features found on the Pro Series kits. Even the rocker stands can be custom ordered if needed to compensate for longer than stock valve lengths.