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Jesel .937 Keyway Lifter | .850 Roller
$ 3,040.00

Jesel .937 Keyway Lifter | .850 Roller


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Since their release nearly 20 years ago, Jesel has built our Precision Roller Lifters with features that other companies are just starting to call standard.  Features such as the use of exotic materials for the rollers and axles, friction reducing coatings on the bodies and precision sorted bearings that are cooled and kept free from debris by pressure fed oiling have been incorporated into every Jesel lifter ever made. 

Jesel Keyway lifter bodies are fitted with a keyway pin that rides in an index slot milled in a bronze lifter bushing. This design provides precise cam/roller alignment and eliminates the added weight of tie bars or tall lifter bodies associated with Dog Bone-style lifters.

Jesel Keyway lifters are available in 1.062” and 1.095” lifter body diameters and various roller diameters. The smallest combination of body diameter and roller scales in at just 97 grams. Keyway lifters require special engine block machine work to install the Jesel bronze keyway bushings. Jesel also offers a Keyway Bushing Installer to ensure perfect bushing alignment.

Standard Features

  • Available in 1.062” or 1.095” diameters

  • Centered, .050” or .150” pushrod seat locations

  • Hardened keyway pin keeps lifter from rotating within bushing

  • DLC coated tool steel body reduces friction and wear

  • Oil circuit lubes pushrods, roller, cam, and needle bearings

  • Easy in-engine lifter removal

  • Wide selection of roller diameters

  • Optional roller sizes available

  • Internal locking pin eliminates snap rings