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Honda | S2K Cylinder Head Machined | Bare Head
Honda | S2K Cylinder Head Machined | Bare Head
Honda | S2K Cylinder Head Machined | Bare Head
$ 2,200.00

Honda | S2K Cylinder Head Machined | Bare Head


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100% Designed and Manufactured in the USA-  COMPLETELY NEW CASTING- NO MORE USED HEADS BEING modified.  Why bother with unknown cores?



The Sprint head features a 53.5cc Combustion chamber maintaining stock compression with a stock piston. We also carry a High Compression version with a 49.5cc chamber, which adds 1.5 points of compression.

• Standard ports are higher-velocity than OE, while flowing substantially more air to aid both mid-range torque production and high RPM power
• Standard valve sizes are 36mm intake and 31mm exhaust
• OE-style combustion chamber, as well the Sprint design that reduces volume by over 4cc for use with OE pistons and shortblocks
• Thick decks for stability and head gasket retention in extreme power applications
• Thick port walls allowing "generous" porting without casting failure
• Exhaust-side water/air bleed
• Production OE valvetrain maintained
• Designed, Casted, and Machined in the USA
• A356-T6 material for maximum strength
• Precision machined using dedicated Hurco, Rottler, and Newen equipment
• Hone-fitted Manganese bronze valve guides
• Custom Durabond copper-infiltrated valve seats standard and MoldStar optional
• Wide variety of ports, valve sizes, and combustion chamber designs from OE-style to radical
• Engineered with thick decks to handle extreme cylinder pressure
• Port wall thickness enables "generous" porting not possible with OE castings
• 3-D printed water-jacket cores for superior cooling
• Exhaust-side air/water bleed screw standard
• Heads accept OE Honda VTEC and non-VTEC valve train components