Cyclone LS3 416 Airboat Crate Engine - 550HP

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  • $ 16,995.00

Type: LS3 6.8L Aluminum
Displacement: 416 Cubic Inches
Compression Ratio: 11:1
Bore x Stroke: 4.070 x 4.000
Rev Limit: 6,200 RPM
Crank: Callies Forged
Rods: Callies Forged H-Beam
Pistons: Mahle Motorsports
Cam: Mast LS3 Core Custom Cam
Heads: GM LS3
Intake: LS3 Car
Valve Springs: Mast Dual
Recommended Fuel: Premium
Warranty: 12-month limited
Part Number: 130-002

Price: $16,999.95

LS3 416 550hp/550tq and only weighs 416lbs completly dressed out!

Never before has there been a better power to weight ratio available for the airboat world.  The Mast Motorsports Cyclone airboat engine makes 550 horsepower and 550 torque right where you need it!

Cyclone Specs & Equipment:

GMPP LS3/L92 6.2L Aluminum Block, Finish Bore 4.070” & Finish Decked 9.230”, M-90 ECM Air Boat Calibration, Wiring Harness with Fuse Block & Custom Wiring Harness Modification, GM Foot Pedal & Starter, Crankshaft & Camshaft Position Sensor, Oil Pressure & Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor,
Engine Knock Manifold Air Pressure & Intake Air Temp. Sensors, Ignition Coils, Spark Plugs & Plug Wires, LS3 Car Intake Manifold, LS2 Bosch Fuel Injectors & Dead Headed Fuel Rail, 87MM Throttle Body & 8-Layer Air Filter w/IAT Bung, Callies Forged Crank & Forged H-Beam Rods, Clevite Rod & Main Bearings, Mahle Forged and Coated Pistons, Mast Premium Valve Springs, Cometic Head Gaskets, ARP Main Studs, Main Side Bolts, L92 Cylinder Heads, LS3 Stainless Steel Intake & Inconel Exhaust Valves, L92 Water Pump & L92 Truck Oil Pan, Mast Pushrods, Melling Oil Pump, AC Delco Oil Filter & Alternator, Extreme Duty Flywheel, Walbro 255 L/hr Fuel Pump, GM Corvette Filter, Regulator & Fuel Fittings, Catch Can, Canton Oil Cooler Sandwich Adapter

*Actual power will be within +/-2% of advertised.