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Mast Motorsports Crate Engines 327 - 5.3 Iron LS Boosted Short Block
$ 4,250.00

327 - 5.3 Iron LS Boosted Short Block


Only 1 left in stock

In Stock Ready to Ship. 

This is a ready to rock short block.  Choose a set of our Black Label heads, or go with some stocker cathedrals.  This will get you a good base to get started.

Short Block with Factory Crank, Boosted Wiseco Pistons, Callies Rods.  

  • Stock 5.3 Block
  • ARP Bolts & Hardware
  • Factory Crank, ground and prepped, balanced
  • Callies Connecting Rods (Used) Re-manufactured, new bolts
  • Wiseco - Mast - Fist Bump Pistons
  • Johnson- Short Travel Hydraulic Lifters
  • Comp Cams - Turbo Cam
  • Rollmaster Timing Set
  • MAST made in USA Oil Pan
  • ICT billet valley cover

*** Picture is representation of Assembled Short Block