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Maxima Racing Oil Oil 1 Quart Container 10w30 Mineral Break in Oil
$ 8.29

1 Quart Container 10w30 Mineral Break in Oil


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Break In Oil By the Quart

Do you have a new engine or short block that is ready to run?  

Choose Mast Motorsports Approved BREAK IN oil for added performance and life to your premium engine. Break in is especially important on a new engine.  We recommend using break in oil and changing it out after 500 miles for a full synthetic.

Why break in oil?  Break in oil has a higher amount of minerals that are designed to improve the seating and wear of engine components.  Break in oil is traditionally a mineral oil, not a synthetic, and is specially formulated with additional zinc that improves the break in process.

Mast has partnered with Maxima oil to bring you the very best oil on the market.

All Mast engines are tested and dyno tested prior to shipment with BREAK IN Maxima oil.