What does the Mast Motorsports Complete/Turnkey Engine Warranty cover?

MMS warrants to the original consumer purchaser of each Engine for a period of 18 months for Mast Turnkey engines and 12 months for Mast Complete engines from the date you purchased the Engine that the Engine will be free from defects in materials and workmanship. A turnkey engine is an engine that includes Mast ECM and usually has a part number with a prefix of 111. A complete engine is an engine that does not include a Mast ECM and usually has a part number with a prefix of 117. Mast does not warranty any engine that could be considered a long or short block. THE LIMITED WARRANTY ONLY APPLIES TO ENGINES INSTALLED FOR THE PURPOSE OF RE-POWERING ON HIGHWAY CARS, TRUCKS, MUSCLE CARS, OR HOT RODS FOR TRANSPORTATION USE. The limited warranty is not an unconditional warranty against all hazards or failures. This limited warranty shall not apply to defects or conditions caused by misuse, abuse, misapplication, mis-installation, modification, or accident after you received the Engine. The limited warranty shall also not apply to any Engine that has been installed in any application that is used or could be used for competition purposes.

Mast Complete/Turnkey Engine Warranty

What does Mast Motorsports Short Block / Long Block Warranty cover?

Mast provides a 30 day warranty for its products with respect to manufacturer defects.  Mast Motorsports does not provide a warranty for installation errors or tuning errors. Therefore, Mast will accept a short block or long block back for inspection if a problem arises.  Mast will cover the disassembly, correction, and reassembly if Mast is at fault due to a manufacturer defect.  Mast will cover the necessary parts and labor. If Mast determines that the issue is an installation or tuning error, then Mast will not cover the disassembly, correction, and reassembly.  Mast will charge the customer for the necessary labor and parts.  Our Warranty covers repair or replacement of the product only and does not cover the cost of removal and/or installation.  

There is no warranty on the following:

  • Any product used in racing applications.
  • Any product that has been physically altered or improperly installed or maintained. 
  • Any product used in improper application, abused or not used in conjunction with the proper parts. 
  • Any short block that has been disassembled by other than Mast Motorsports.

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