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The Mast Motorsports M-90 engine control module (ECM) is a calibration and development tool for various applications of gasoline engines. The engineers at Mast Motorsports spend countless hours on dynamometers calibrating and developing high performance engine applications. We believe that we provide our customers the most highly refined engine calibrations along with the most robust engine controller in the aftermarket industry. Our turnkey crate engines are supplied with calibrations that are specific for engine bore, stroke, compression, cylinder head, camshaft, intake manifold, throttle body, and injectors. ECM packages also include calibrations for many stock specific applications, and applications that are paired with various performance upgrades. Extensive time is spent on calibrating Knock Sensors, optimizing Air to Fuel ratios, and developing spark maps so that calibrations can be very aggressive for all grades of pump gas without sacrificing reliability. However there are many instances when it is necessary for an engine builder, tuner, or race shop to make or modify calibrations. We wanted to engineer an interface software that was extremely versatile to take advantage of our ECM’s capabilities, but that was easy to use. We want to give engine builders vast capabilities to customize their engines, but provide an interface that even novice engine tuner could utilize. Mast Motorsports engineers try to do as much of the work possible to make installations as easy as possible. Every M-90 ECM that is sold comes preloaded with all sensor information so that installation usually only consist of supplying fuel pressure, wiring up an ignition switch, clutch switch, power, and ground to get the engine to run. It is from this point on that this manual should be used by engine builders, tuners, and race shops to utilize our interface software to customize their specific application.