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The Worlds FIRST aftermarket cast Honda K-Series heads, brought to you by ENDYN.

Larry Widmer, founder of ENDYN Energy Dynamics

S2K (F20C-F220) Sprint Cylinder Head

  • Standard ports are higher-velocity than OE's, while flowing substantially more air to aid both mid-range torque production and high RPM power
  • Standard valve sizes are 36mm intake and 31mm exhaust
  • OE-style combustion chamber, as well the Sprint design that reduces volume by over 4cc's for use with OE pistons and short blocks
  • Thick decks for stability and head gasket retention in extreme power applications
  • Thick port walls allowing "generous" porting without casting failure
  • Exhaust-side water/air bleed
  • Production OE valve train maintained

K Series Cylinder Heads

  • PRB, RBC, and R40 (with individual exhaust ports) casting styles available
  • Standard "Canada"-style ports for high velocity accompanied by higher flow rates
  • Conventional and high performance combustion chambers available with and without recessed quench pads
  • BA cylinder heads have raised intake valve spring seat pads for taller ports without structural failure
  • BA ports can easily support the largest displacement high RPM drag race engines