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Mast Motorsports Accessories Default Mast Gen IV Plug Wire Kit
$ 89.99

Mast Gen IV Plug Wire Kit


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Mast Motorsports' new Ultra 40 unsleeved custom-fit ignition wire sets are the most powerful and RFI/EMI-resistant wires available for racing today. Plus, their closely woven fiberglass, silicone-impregnated insulation provides up to 8,000 extra volts of protection.

Features of these 8.65mm wires include:

* KEVLAR® core that's four times stronger than Aramid cores
* Class-leading 40 ohms of resistance per foot
* Nickel copper alloy conductors for superior spark energy transfer
* Extra-thick EPDM layer for greater dielectric strength
* High-temperature silicone boots that can withstand heat up to 600 degrees
* Locking stainless steel plug terminals