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Mast Motorsports Custom Induction Cylinder Head Service is an economical way to make more power with your LS. Major cylinder head companies have made major investments into developing cylinder heads based not only on airflow but wet flow and airflow combined. Wet flow visualization has been around for over a decade and Darin Morgan was the first to publish research on the new wet flow Ultraviolet visualization techniques. Now Darin has developed LS3 and LS7 ports with wet flow characteristics never before found in heads like these.

“I have wanted to use these wet flow techniques in generally available cylinder heads but its cost-prohibitive. With modern CNC programming and cutting techniques, now I can.” - Darin Morgan

R&D into wet flow testing and development of new cylinder heads using wet flow technology.

Months of diligent design and engineering has allowed us to CNC port a cylinder head with superior airflow and wet flow characteristics. Finally, the best of both worlds! We are now able to manipulate the texture of the port walls proportional to how fast the air is in any given section. This keeps more fuel off the port walls and in the air stream where it belongs. This translates into increased power and decreased sensitivity to detonation. 

How did accomplish this you ask? By actually changing the way the CNC cuts relative to how fast the air is traveling in the port.

Where airspeed is low, fuel suspended in the air stream falls out of suspension puddling on the walls. Where air speed is fast, air can carry the fuel with it so the walls can be smooth. A simple rule but difficult to accomplish in the real world. With Current digitizing and CNC cutting techniques, this type of porting is now a reality.

Service Includes:

  • 5-Axis CNC Porting
  • 5 Angle Valve Job

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