630 Performance Race Engine

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Mast Black Label, "Artistic Craftsmanship Holds Hands to an Allegiance of Power"

Horsepower: 630 hp
550 tq
Idle Quality: 

Type: LS3 6.8L
Displacement: 416 Cubic Inches
Compression Ratio: 11.2:1
Bore x Stroke: 4.065 x 4.000
Rev Limit: 7000 RPM
Crank: Callies Forged
Rods: Callies H-Beam
Pistons:  Mahle 2618 Alloy
Cam: Mast LS3 416 SS
Heads: Mast Black Label LS7 265 Heads
Intake Valves: Hollow Stainless
Exhaust Valves: Solid Stainless
Intake: LS7 Corvette Intake
Valve Springs: Mast Dual

*All hp numbers will be within 2% of the advertised number.  

This 416 cubic inch engine has a Mast Motorsports engineered camshaft that is custom ground on a Mast Motorsports 3 bolt billet cam core.  The 630 Performance Race Engine's foundation is a honed and decked LS3 aluminum block with a 4.000” forged Callies rotating assembly with Diamond 2618 Alloy pistons that is topped off with Mast Black Label LS7 265 heads and a GM LS7 intake manifold.  ARP fasteners are used throughout and Mast hardened pushrods ride on GMPP High RPM hydraulic roller lifters.  The 630 Performance Race Engine is the top offering of a diverse line of Mast Motorsports hand built turnkey crate engines that are designed for the Hot Rod/Muscle Car market.  This hand built LS3 based engine utilizes a camshaft that has a strong lope that creates great mid and high RPM power for the customer that will be aggressively racing their vehicle but still wants to occasionally drive it on the street.

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