327 - 1,200(+) HP Budget Boost Engine

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In Stock Ready to Ship.  Partially completed engine.  Use this engine as a good head start on your project & complete on your own, or have us complete.  This is a deal to good to pass up.

Affectionately dubbed "Fat Bottom End"  - this is basically a SBE 5.3 with a little Callies Connecting rod love.


This project started out with us having some parts laying around and a pair of turbos.  We paired it together with a beautiful set of Wiseco Pistons, and a super fly hella bling Shearer Fabrications Intercooled Plenum.  

We of course port matched the Holley lower to blend like butter with our 5.3 Cathedral Port Black Label heads.  This is a 5.3 with allll the flow.

Keep these specs secret:

  • Stock 5.3 Block
  • ARP Bolts & Hardware
  • Factory Crank, ground and prepped
  • Callies Connecting Rods (Used) Re-manufactured, new bolts
  • Wiseco - Mast - Fist Bump Pistons
  • 5.3 CNC ported Mast Black Label Heads
  • Inconel Exhaust Valves
  • PSI dual springs with Titanium Retainers
  • Stock (New) Rockers with Trunnion Upgrades
  • Chrome Moly Pushrods
  • Johnson- Short Travel Hydraulic Lifters
  • Comp Cams - Turbo Cam
  • Rollmaster Timing Set
  • INCLUDES Pair of SPA Turbo (Brazil)
  • Holley Ported Cathedral Lower Intake
  • Shearer Fabrication - low rise intercooler lid
  • 103mm Boosted Billet Nick Williams Throttle Body
  • MAST made in USA Oil Pan
  • ICT billet valley cover
  • You know 1,200 (+) HP




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