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Cyclone | 550HP Airboat Engine
$ 17,918.62

Cyclone | 550HP Airboat Engine


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Mast Motorsports 550hp Hand Built Aluminum Block LS3 6.8L Airboat Engine

LS3 416 550HP
Type: LS3 6.8L
Displacement: 416 Cubic Inches
Compression Ratio: 11.1:1
Bore x Stroke: 4.070 x 4.000
Rev Limit: 6200 RPM
Crank: Callies Forged
Rods: Callies H-Beam
Pistons: Mahle Motorsports
Cam: Mast Custom 3-Bolt Camshaft
Heads: L92/LS3 Heads
Intake: LS3 Car
Valve Springs: Mast Dual Valve Springs

Parts Included:
LS3 Aluminum Block
LS3 Car Intake
Plateau Honed to 4.070
Callies Forged Crankshaft
Callies H-Beam Forged Connecting Rods
Clevite Rod Bearings
Clevite Main Bearings
Mahle Forged Pistons
Mast 3 Bolt Camshaft
Mast Dual Valve Springs
Cometic Head Gaskets
GM Head Bolts
ARP Main Studs
ARP Main Side Bolts
L92/LS3 Cylinder Heads
Mast Stainless Hollow Stem Intake Valves
GM Inconel Exhaust Valves
M-90 ECM Air Boat Calibration
Wiring Harness with Fuse Block
GM Foot Pedal
API Marine Starter
Belt Tensioner
Serpentine Belt
Crankshaft Position Sensor
Camshaft Position Sensor
Oil Pressure Sensor
Engine Coolant Temperature
Engine Knock Sensors
Manifold Air Pressure Sensor
Intake Air Temperature Sensor
Ignition Coils
NGK Racing Spark Plugs
Mast Plug Wires
LS3 Bosch Fuel Injectors
GM Dead Headed Fuel Rail
90mm Drive by Wire Throttle Body
8-Layer Air Filter with IAT Bung
2010 Camaro Water Pump
Mast LS Conversion Oil Pan
Mast One Piece Chromolly Pushrods
Melling High Volume Oil Pump
AC Delco Oil Filter
API Marine Alternator
Walbro 255lph Fuel Pump
GM Fuel Filter/Regulator
Fuel Fittings
Blowby Catch Can
JW SFI Flywheel
Runs on 91-93 Octane
Engine Crate