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Mast Motorsports 900hp Pump Gas LS7

Mast Motorsports builds some of the baddest LS engines in the world.  Want proof?

Mast LS7 427 Black Label 900 Dyno

Checkout our LS7 427 Black Label 900.  This bad boy makes over 900 hp and 800 tq on PUMP GAS, that you can drive everyday.  Our theory is that if we build it we expect it to be driven and driven hard.  We use the finest components available to produce our legendary crate engines so you can drive them as hard as you want.  If you want an affordable crate engine with tons of power that you can rely on choose Mast.

Mast LS7 427 Black Label 900 Dyno

Mast LS7 427 Black Label 900 Dyno Chart

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