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Press Release 7/31/2021 - Mast Motorsports & Endyn Products Partner with 4 Piston

Posted by Jason Youd on

Press Release 

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Mast Motorsports and Endyn Products announce a manufacturing partnership with 4 Piston to carry forward on all sales and support for its USA manufactured K Series Honda cylinder head. 

Aligning with 4 Piston solidifies and merges technologies to create and supply a premium aftermarket Honda Cylinder head.  4 Piston represents the absolute best in performance and quality related to Honda engine families – Mast Motorsports

We are elated to have the partnership with 4 Piston, working with them to create and launch the full potential for this new cylinder head will be instrumental for the Honda Performance Aftermarket.  – Widmer

About 4 Piston

For more than 20 years 4 Piston Racing has specialized in 4 valve OHC cylinder head and engine development.  We offer premium race engine components and Honda Inline 4 complete engines for a variety of specialty race cars all over the world.  Each engine program is developed specifically for its intended use in circuit racing, world rally, hill climb, dirt oval, and drag racing. 

Our primary focus is to deliver a proven product with the highest quality control throughout our development and production processes.  Our strict commitment to quality components made from the best materials aligns us perfectly with MAST and the vision of Larry Widmer with his Honda K-Series casting.  We are excited to use this strong design base to machine our world record holding port designs and further enhance the capabilities of this engine platform far into the future.

About Mast Motorsports/Endyn Products

Mast Motorsports is a premier cylinder head and engine company dedicated to designing and manufacturing premium components.  Mast has focused heavily on cylinder head manufacturing for private label, and aftermarket motorsport sectors since 2010.


For More information on 4 Piston go to:

For more information about Larry Widmer’s Story go to:

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