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Mast Motorsports’ LS3 427 SS Produces 70 more HP than GMPP Z06 427 for thousands less

February 25, 2009 – Nacogdoches, TX– Did you know you can get 70 more HP than the Z06 427 engine, get a professionally hand built 427 LS3 engine and save thousands?  You can with a Mast LS3 427 SS engine!  The Mast LS3 427 SS includes a pre-calibrated and dyno tuned fully sequential Mast M-90 drive by wire ECM with a plug and play wiring harness for $13,995 plus shipping!  But that’s about the same price as a GMPP Z06 427, isn’t it?  Because Mast includes a pre-calibrated and tuned M-90 fuel injection system with plug and play wiring harness, wet sump oiling system, air filter, IAT sensor, a drive by wire foot pedal, starter, harmonic balancer, water pump, all necessary sensors and oil pan (your choice of F-body, Y-body or truck) and you save thousands. Configuring a GMPP Z06 427 engine with dry sump oil tank, oil lines, starter, ECM, harness, tuning, fuse/relay box, air filter, ect. can easily cost over $17,000!  Plus, the Mast LS3 427 produces a whopping 610 STD horsepower at 6,500 RPM and 550 lbs. feet of torque at 5,000 RPM using 91 to 93 octane pump gasoline with ZERO engine knock!  Just add a front accessory drive, exhaust headers, fuel regulator with lines and fuel pump for 60 psi of fuel pressure and you are good to go. 

The Mast LS3 427 is professionally hand built by master certified engine builders at Mast Motorsports.  Each Mast LS3 427 SS engine is precision balanced and blueprinted and features only the finest quality, name brand components like a Callies forged crank, Callies forged rods, Mahle custom forged pistons, Melling oil pump, ARP fasteners, Manley pushrods and ACL Race bearings.   The Mast all-aluminum LS3 427 cubic inch engine boasts features like a wet sump oiling system, greatly simplifying installation over the GMPP Z06 427 which requires a complicated and expensive dry sump oiling system.  GM LS3/L92 bare casting heads with custom CNC ports with multi-angle valve job and matched GMPP L76/L92 car intake, 90MM drive by wire throttle body, and a bulletproof forged bottom end that can also handle the rigors of daily street use if desired.  A purpose designed cam with custom Mast lobes provide a broad power curve.  The unique lopey idle will have you grinning from ear to ear while commanding the utmost respect from all who hear it.

Countless hours of grueling yet highly sophisticated dyno testing on an in-house SuperFlow NSCR SF-902 engine dyno produce maximum horsepower and extreme durability.  Each engine is precision calibrated using Mast’s exclusive M-90 fully sequential ECM with integrated wide band O2 and wide band knock sensor capability.  Initial knock testing and validation uses real-time in cylinder pressure measurement for maximum power under any condition with ZERO engine knock.  This allows safe operation of the engine at peak power levels using any given premium 91 to 93 octane fuel. Once the engine dyno testing is completed, Mast then installs the engine in its actual application to perform transient testing and finalize the calibration. 

For specifications, dyno results, log on to www.MastMotorsports.com or call them at 1-936-560-2218.

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